How to deactivate vibration at SMS reception with Android 9?

Hi, I recently updated my FP2 to Android 9 with Lineage OS.
But since that time I cannot find the menu option in Messages app to manage vibration at messages reception. Any idea where I can find it ?


Did you install LineageOS 16.0 or 17.1? The last version is 17.1 and corresponds to Android 10.

If I understood your question correctly, in the device settings→Apps and Notifications→Messages I believe.

Hello, I have installed Lineage 16 for Android 9 for the moment

For the vibration mode of Messages app, I looked at all possible menus, but nothing about vibrations… Enclosed some screen captures of these menus (in French)

In the menu shown in the last screenshot, tap on “Messages entrants”, you should be able to set up the vibration here.


Thanks, I finally found it :slight_smile: It was a bit hidden…

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