How to deactivate both SIMs?

Is it possible to turn both SIMs completely off at same time? I could only manage to turn mobile data off but the phone line keeps on, and so when I travel abroad I get a lot of messages (and even calls!) from phone operators, and I want to stop that, because I might get charged for that. I wish only to keep wi-fi when I’m travelling. So if anyone knows…

Just turn on Aeroplane mode (this shuts down all radios) and then re-enable Wi-Fi.


@ChuckMorris on my FP2 running with stock android, switching to airplane mode turns off radios & wifi, as you suggest. however, enabling wifi again afterwards fails: the strikethrough on the wifi icon disappears but the connection remains mute.

Don’t think this is normal. On my FP2 running with stock Android it works as expected: with airplane mode on radios are off and wifi is working fine (after wifi re-activation).


you’re right. it’s not normal (off-topic: whatever ‘normal’ is, anyways). i checked it again and it actually works now yet it takes a long time to activate itself. probably i was simply too impatient when i claimed that wifi doesn’t work when airplane mode is on.

@ChuckMorris the solution you offered is correct after all.


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