How to create new auto mountpoints?

Could I somehow create an /sdcard0 and /sdcard1 mountpoint in Android 6 and get it automounted every boot?

This is possible, but one would need to edit /boot (fstab.qcom is there). This is not easy (unpack boot.img, make changes, repack, flash on phone) and needs to be re-done on every update…


I never thought I would ever miss /etc/fstab

Is there some other Way to get memorizable Mountpoints in Android?

I hate this random directory name for the sdcard in /storage like 716B-32AC

It got even more worse in Lineageos where the directory name increase to something like /storage/57f3f4bc-acf1-655f-ba67-976fc0f9b35f/

I am no android pro, but I’m not aware of any such possibility. But /boot would be the correct location for such an intent. :wink:

I’m not sure those are “random”. Looks quite like the partition UUID, and you could change that.


716B-32AC is the UUID of the FAT partition

The UUIDs are longer with other filesystems (eg ext4).

You could create a symlink on your data or system partition (/data or /system, outside of that it will be in a temporary filesystem where changes get lost on reboot)

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