How to create different (music) playlists to classify plain music tracks (i.e. no youtube, spotify or whatsoever)

For certain activities, I need to be able to choose 1 out of 5 playlist, depending on the theme.
I only use plain well chosen music files.
I don’t see a way how to put all those (± 300) tracks into 5 separate playlists or folders.
(they are downloaded via WeTransfer)
WORSE: I can’t even choose just MUSIC files; I can just choose AUDIO or DOWNLOAD in the Files app and, I try to avoid extra apps… or is this necessary?

OPTIONAL: When I choose (tap) certain music files; I don’t see any PLAY option. (I’’ve Android 13, which is necessary on FP5).
I need first to start a track, and only then I can go back to choose several others. Then I can go back to the list and tap several tracks to be included, but… there doesn’t seem to en an easy way to go back to the track playing.
I sometimes have to tap 30x (THIRT TIMES) the track playing before it fills the whole screen where I can:
• increase / decrease the volume level
• stop it
• enable the random option,
• enable the repeat option (which never seems to work)
• go back to the beginning
• go to the next track
• go anywhere in the track
Once I leave the Files app, I couldn’t find a way to know which track (its name) is playing, not stopping it. Guess I always have to go back to Files, in’t it?

Well, you do need a dedicated music player for that. Android comes with the ability to play music, but it doesn’t necessarily come with an actual music player which would give you playlists and better control over your music.

I’d get Pulsar music player, it is free, does probably everything you need it to do and I generally never had problems with it.

I don’t think there is any way of doing that with the files app, as it is a file browser not a music player.

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I’ve been using Poweramp for years and am quite happy with it. The full version costs a few bucks but it’s well worth it.

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Thank you. I suppose that in the basic version I can create playlists, can I?

Just try it. As I had the paid version for years, I can’t really remember, what’s basic and what’s not.

Or try adm0n’s recommendation, which seems to be free anyway.

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OUPS thanks. Hadn’t well read.

Thank you so much.

I installed “Pulsar music player” and… it’s all but intuitive.

There isn’t even a “create palylist” option in the menu, nor a button or icon… so I’ll look more in detail to it next week.

Have a nice week!

Hello, I have been using PI music player, and quite happy with it. I don’t remember ever paying for that. Perhaps you will find it to your liking

The well-known and open source VLC player could also probably do the task. It’s not only for videos!

For any more than realy simple function, is sure need dedicated music player app,
i sugest PowerAMP (using many years in Phone/Tablet/Car), free download is 14-days trial with full function, after that cost $8…
If included theme (light and dark) not enough, i suggest YAPS for $1.5 with this is possible configure almost everithing in look… I first try it to car (AndroidRadio) with possible change size for text, buttons, possitions, etc, set to black and one color similar as car dashboard backlight… but i end up using it (with same my config) in all my others Android devices :wink:

BTW: both app is One-Time Payment with possibile use it in all your (with same account) Android devices, and price $9.5 is some as one lunch in a normal restaurant :wink:

Anyway, if i understand what you need, then this work also in preinstalled Files

  • copy files to different 5 directory
  • don’t tap to Audio, but bottom is “Internal Storage” (or SD Card)
  • go to one of your 5 folders
  • tap to any song
  • show playing screen where swipe left/right switch to previous/next song
  • for quick switching to another song go back and tap on needed
  • to show what is playing and control Play/Pause/Next/Previous when outside Files, use Notification pull-down, where FIles put panel
  • for switch to another directory go back and tap on another directory :wink:

I find the app pretty intuitive. To add anything to a playlist (so either a song, an album or a folder, you just navigate to it, click the three little dots that are shown on the bottom right and select add to playlist. That menu also gives you the option to create a new playlists.

To find/play that playlist you go into the hamburger menu (swiping down it appears at the top left corner of the screen), select playlists and voilà you can play it. In that menu you can even add playlists to playlists.

If you want multiple playlists to play after each other (or just add some odd songs into the mix), you can go to the same menu and just click “add to queue”, I haven’t used that features at all so I don’t know if they add it as the song that will play next or after whatever already is in the queue.