How to copy only the phone numbers to the SIMCARD?

since I have to send in my Fairphone for repair I want to put all my phone numers on the SIMCARD in order to use them on my old Nokia.
Android somehow shows almost 2000 contacts in my contact list (I think this was automatically imported from gmail without me wanting that).
I only see the “export to SIMcard” option in “contacts” and not in my regular phone numbers list.
I only want to export the phone numbers but not all the contacts to the SIMcard - how can I do it?

Help would be much appreciated! It’s hard to believe that this doesnt work…

I think you confused something here. The Phone app shows only contacts, which have a phone number. But: They are still contacts (the phone numbers need a name, don’t they? ;)).

Inside the Contacts app: After choosing “Import/Export” you first have to select from where to export contacts, then where to save them and then, which contacts to export. You could of course tick only the contacts you want to export to your SIM card.

What I would probably do, is to log in to GMail and see if you can specify, which contacts should be synced to your phone.

Hi Stefan,

thanks for your answer.
I know that the phone numbers are also contacts. My problem is that my
contacts were spammed by google with contacts to basically all poeple I
ever sent an e-mail!

I already tried import/export - but ticking the phone contacts manually
within the spammed contact list is impossible or the work for a day.

It is a good idea to solve this in Gmail. In gmail itself I did not find
anything. In “Google Contacts” I found all the contacts but also there I
can only manually click or unclick but I could not filter the contacts that
have phone numbers.

I have to say, it is a little bit stupid from google / android that this is
done automatically without asking the user.

Do you (or anyone else?) have another good idea?

In the Google web interface, you should have a group/filter “My Contacts” which should only contain the contacts you added yourself.

You export the contacts from there and use Nokia’s Pc utils to copy them to your old phone, if you still have the cable around.

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Dear Ben, thanks for the help.
Such a filter does not exist in my Google “My contacts”.
It is not possible to separate my “real” phone contacts" from the “made up
by google” contacts.

Now I think I will just manually chose my 15/20 main contacts and write the
numbers on a paper and then manually insert them into the Nokia for the
time my Fairphone will be in repair.
I dont see another option at the moment, since this whole google contacts
management doesnt work.

Thanks anyways, Christoph

You could create a group in your contacts app and export those.

I had this issue when I moved onto android years ago. What I did was created a contact group in Google contacts online called Phone (contacts.Google.Com) and then on my phone when my contracts synced i set the contacts app to display a custom selection of my Google contacts and unticked the my contacts option and ticked the phone group. This is how I still do it today. This selection resets after every update though so have to remember to redo

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What happens if you simply select all contacts during export? I think SIMs could store only a name and a number so maybe using the “capability” of the SIM’s storage you should be able to save the data you want…
Bye! :smile:


Thanks a lot for all the ideas, I really appreciate it.

I sent my Fairphone for the needed repair this morning without moving the
contacts to the SIM. I wrote down the most important contacts and entered
them manually in the NOKIA (very old school, I know…)

So I cannot try the other ideas; hopefully when I get the fairphone back
soon, I dont have to deal with the topic for a while.



Thanks for keeping us updated and good luck with the repair!

Actually I found out that my SIM card is a “USIM card”, which can store email-adresses. :slight_smile: I got it in Sept. 2013.

Wikipedia has a site on this (unfortunately not in English, but in German, Italian, Spanish…).

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