How to copy and paste text!

Hello all, this is a little embarrassing but I still haven’t worked out how to copy and paste text…I have googled/searched and haven’t yet found a “tutorial”, so if someone could please let me know (preferably without making me feel too much of an idiot :slight_smile: then I would be very grateful! Thank you.

Touch and hold over a word or phrase, a couple of delimiters will appear, move them to encompass the desired part to copy, click on the double piece of paper icon on top, go where you want to paste it, again touch and hold, and you will be offered with the option to paste.


Don’t worry! We are happy to help!

Just click long on a word in some text and then a bar appears at the top of the screen:
To copy, click on the icon with the two pages on top of each other (the third from the right).

To paste you click long in the field, where to paste the text, until a bar appears again on top of the screen. Now you select the icon with the notepad on it ( the second from the right):

And done!

Hope this works for you! :smiley:

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Hi @griggsey

Don’t feel like an idiot, I’m sure a lot of people are asking the same thing :smile:

When you have your text like so:

Long press any word, and it’ll get highlighted, like this …

Afterwards, drag the blue pointers to select more or less text and choose one of the options indicated.

To paste, just go in an empty text field, long press the white space and the same options will show up.

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Wow! :smiley: Some quick replies here. I’ve wiki’d @Stefan’s post and moved this question to another category so other users can find this easier.


Hello again and thank you so much for your swift and clear replies.Hello again and thank you so much for your swift and clear replies.Hello again and thank you so much for your swift and clear replies.

Yes! I can do it! Brilliant. Thanks all.

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Glad this worked out!

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