How to copy all your contact to your phone while keeping link with simcard?

Hi! I have two simcars in my phone, one for my work and one for my personal contacts. I now figured out I can add photos to contacts if the contacts is on my phone. But how can I copy all my contacts to my phone, while keeping the link between the original sim card they are attached on? I know I can do them one-by-one… but that takes an awful long time… any short cuts?

first of all you can copy contacts from SIM to phone but you can’t retain the link if you modify the contact on the phone after copying, because the contact is stored in different memories.
To copy the contacts you can open the “People” app and select “Import” from the menu clicking on the left-lower button.
Then select the source SIM and the destination (Phone) and follow the instructions :smile:
You can also copy back contacts to SIM using the export function but you’ll get only the name and phone number on the SIM because it can store only these information.
Bye! :smile:

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Hi DJDas,
Thank you for replying… that is the sollution I found myself as well. But was hoping it could be done easier and with a little less work (over 200 contacts in my phone). Hoping someone else has a bright idea :smile:

Maybe you didn’t find the option to select all at once. It is quite hidden. :wink:

Try to click on “0 [Zero] selected”. You will be given the option “Select all”.

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Hij Stefan,
I found that botton, but then i still need to link them all seperately to a simcard… Right?