How to configure what to show when display is 'off'

My old phone displayed the date and time and the ambient temperature when the screen was off. I remember it was quite easy to find in the settings how to confugure this.
Now I have a FP3+ and I can’t seem to find how to configure this. :-/

Can anybody help?

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Your query is a bit queer :slight_smile:
When the screen is off you should see nothing.

You can have info on the lock screen, but to have info on the screen at all times means the screen is not off and is using the battery to keep the scree alive.

See this as it may help

One of the search results that comes back now says “Ambient Display”. I clicked on that option and it pops up and says “Shows time, notification icons, and other info when screen is off”. I turned that off option off. I then clicked on “More Options” to see what else was listed in there. On that new screen called “Lock Screen Display” there is a header that says “When To Show”. Under that, there is an option for “Always On” which was now turned off as I turned off Ambient Display on the previous screen.

Of course if you really want continuously viewable content you can have the screen on with date and weather widgets etc.

There is also this

If I’m not mistaken, it’s impossible to modify anything on the lock screen without a custom lock screen (i.e a third party app). So maybe your old phone had this option, probably because it was added by the manufacturer (or a quite old android version), but the FP3(+) doesn’t as it runs stock android.

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I guess your old phone had an OLED screen, So it was possible to have an always on display configured, without a big impact on the battery life. As the Fairphone has a ‚standard‘ LED display, it ain‘t possible, as the complete background illumination had to be on all the time, eating up the battery power.


There are vendors like Samsung which offer such functionallity, search for AOD (Always On Display), though I’m not aware that it is available in a stock Android. As Incanus wrote, it probably only makes sense for OLED screens, which do not consume battery when displaying black pixels.

It’s indeed called Always On Display as martinstoeckli points out. It is available on the Pixel 3 from Google and indeed does not have a big impact on its battery.
It’s a pity that the FP3 does not support this feature, but I guess (the production of) OLED screens don’t fit Fairphone’s environment-oriented goals/principle.
Oh well, so be it.


Hi there,
I own an FP3+ for a couple of months. I observed, that I sometimes (rather rare cases) have a so-called “always-on-display” on the screen when switched of (see uploaded photo done with another device):

So, I suppose this is available, in principle. But how to get it on command?
I opened a support request today; let’s see what happens.

That screen appears, when you touch (or better press) the power button of your phone. In order to see it the full backlight has to be switched on, as the FP3(+) has no OLED screen. This can’t be an always on display, the battery would be emptied in no time.

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