How to complete a successful flashing that will be compatible with locking bootloader

I have a Fairphone 4 that I having successfully recovered from bricking in my attempt to install eos. This time I would like to do things correctly, but the only message that I got from the eos community forum was to be patient and wait until “the planets align”.

I am willing to flash my Fairphone to an earlier version of the Fairphone OS, but which one, and which build? A new version of eos dropped a few days ago, but other than it being based on Lineage OS 20, there wasn’t a lot of information in the release notes.

How is it possible to prevent updates to an older Fairphone OS from taking place, as I believe it is necessary to have a wireless connection to initiate OEM unlock?

Could someone please provide me with a step by step process for installing eos with the ability to lock the bootloader (i.e. no more bricks)?

You could try to install iodéOS instead via the iodéOS-installer (for Windows and Linux).

I prefer iodéOS since /e/OS updates are often delayed.

I don’t like iodé’s subscription model.

OK, but you don’t have to subscribe at all. iodéOS works very well even without that subscription.


OK, so exactly how is locking the bootloader different after an iodé os install, so bricking is avoided?

I installed iodéOS via the installer and everything went automatically, even relocking the bootloader.

I’m not sure but I think that the installer checks the current OS version before istalling iodéOS and it checks if the bootloader is safe to lock before relocking it.

You might ask your questions to the iodé community.


I have purchased some extra storage for the Murena Cloud, so I am first and foremost interested in getting eos to work with a locked bootloader, but will check with the iodé community as to how they do their installs.