How to close all windows at once?

I just don’t know how to close all the windows at once. (the ones you see when you press the square symbol in the right bottom corner on the FP2) Yes I know how to wipe them each by each but how can I do this for all at the same time?


Sadly that’s not possible.

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Seriously? Wow, I mean that’s a basic function. I can’t be the only one being sick of closing all windows each by each. That takes quite some time. And if you sum up all the time I’ve spent on this I’m not sure if you can call this “A seriously cool smartphone”… wow…just wow…

Well, first, it’s not a Fairphone issue, but Android, second, why do you want to clear this list?

If you have root access you can use the Xposed module GravityBox to gain this and many other functions.



As i know, the standard Android 5.1 launcher didn’t has this function. Try other launchers maybe or try Fairphone Open with root.

ah ok I didn’t know that… thanks guys

i have the same issue at this topic and i do not see, why this, for me, fundamental issue should be something for a workaround…it should be a basic function in lollypop XX.

How, bzw. Which function is that?

The option most probably is not there because usually one shouldn’t close all cached processes!


(this post includes several more links)


GravityBox > Misc. Tweaks > Clear all recent tasks