How to check Wifi and mobile antenna cables

Sometimes I have issues with Wifi and/or mobile communication. So I thought of checking the connector of these antennas. The teardown at ifixit is not very instructive. Can anyone point me to a tutorial how to access these cables?

Don’t know a tutorial.
But I think the best picture can be found in step 11 of ifixit and the cable is connected to the lower left part of the core module (you’ll find the connector once you remove the metal plate of the core module).

Thanks, I tried this.
Torx5 screws are really tiny.
Where the antenna cables enters the “big black box” (which I did not open), under the metal sheet, I thought the cable might touch a screw. So I placed a non-conductive tape between the two and closed everything - no change.
But I am already glad I did not break anything - knocking on wood.

However, it is fascinating opening a phone, seeing all the engineering inside.

About the WLAN issue: might also be my router, but it is just 5 years old so just a youngster compared to my phone.

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