How to change "unknown number" option?

Hi everyone,

When I make a call with my FP4, it appears that my caller identification is hide (unknown number). Given that I did not had this issue with my previous phone, I assume there is a default mode on the FP4 to hide the caller ID. However, I am not able to find any setting that could change that.
I went through the options of the Phone app, but I did not find any “Show your caller ID” option.

Do you know where I could change this option ?

Thanks for your help !


Hi and welcome to the forum.

This is a known issue with FP3 and FP4 with certsin carriers. Please contact suppirt/at/fairphone/dot/com with your network/carrier details.

By the way, what network/carrier are you using

Sesrch the forum for ‘unknown number’ for similar topics.

In case it’s not an issue with your carrier, the setting you’re looking for is indeed not easy to find.

Open the phone app and tap the menu in the top-right corner (three vertical dots), select “Settings”.
Then go to “Calling accounts” and tap on your carrier name.
Then go to “GSM call settings > Additional settings > Caller ID” where you can select one of “Network default”, “Hide number” or “Show number”.


Well, it seems like working :smiley:

Thanks a lot !


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