How to change the (system) clock?


Since I went to Vietnam in december 2014 my Android-Fairphone clock is stuck in Vietnamese time (6 hrs difference). I looked up every possible thing I could do to change it, but nothing seems to work.
(The timezone setting is correct and in the menu Settings>Date & Time I checked ‘Automatically use network time zone’ (I tried GPS time also, doesn’t work). In that menu I can’t change the date and time because these options are grey.)

Because it doesn’t seem possible to change the time, I thought the problem might lie within the system clock settings. I think I updated the Fairphone/Android in Vietnam thoroughly, so maybe the system clock was reset during the process?

Does anyone know how I can change the clock back to normal?
Any help would be appreciated!

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Did your try to uncheck “automatic time” and set the time manually?

i have a similar problem; since turning my phone on again while in an area without mobile coverage, it is showing the wrong time & date - date is august when it’s january, & time is about 7 hours behind where i am.

i turned off the automatic time settings, but the manual date and time setting options are greyed out so it’s not possible to adjust it manually. i’ve tried turning the phone on & off several times but it doesn’t make any difference. i can’t find any other place where i might be able to alter the time & date.

The first setting has to be set to “off”/“aus”:

aaaahhhh!!! dankeschön :slight_smile:

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