How to change the left/right audio balance

I have some hearing loss in one ear, and so want to change the left/right balance of audio output.
Normally this can be done in the
Settings > Accessibility > Hearing
but the option there to balance the audio is missing.

Anyone knows a solution?
Some music players provide this, but only for local music files (not for streaming for ex.)

I don’t see the setting either on my FP2 on Lineage 16.
Could be in sound/ sound effects on some phones, but not on my FP2 either.
Maybe someone will now more about that.

3 ideas in the meantime:

  1. If you choose mono in Settings > Accessibility > Hearing, at least you won’t miss anything from the other canal, but it’s not a very good method if you want mostly to push up the volume to the left and down to the right.
  2. There are some apps in the Play Store (I haven’t found any open source ones in F-Droid) with “equalizer” in the name. One of them could do the trick.
  3. Install xposed and then this module

Well I have this option on LineageOS 17.1, but it is perhaps not available on older Android versions.

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Thank you all for your consideration.

Putting sound on mono takes away a lot from the music, and I still hear less on one side (the sound not being balanced in the center of my head).

I think some Samsung phones have the setting. Hopefully a future FP3 update will introduce the feature.
I have no root and for the moment do not want to root my phone, because of all the work after the reset (had a lot of fun with Xposed and Magisk on FP2, but FP3 doesn’t need most tweaks I had).

So, following your suggestion I searched again and found “Equalizer Pie” on the play store.
It works! I can start it, adjust L/R and then start Spotify. Even with my Bluetooth headphones I now enjoy a perfect balance.

Thanks again @chrisse!


For completeness sake: as of Android 10 (official FP3 update), the audio balance setting is available! You can find it under Settings > Accessibility.


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