How to change the colors (background and text) of the lock screen?


Finally I am very happy to get my new Fairphone.
In the last years I made a lot of expericences with a HTC Wildfire S (Android 2.3.5).
A lot of details I could adapt myself on the FP, but for me is the lock screen bad (light blue backrground and white text).
Especially the user Name and Adress (when the Phone gets lost it is very important to be readable) is very bad to read (colors + very small text) on the lock screen.
I think this could be better when I change the coulours of background and text.

How can I change the colors of the lock screen?

Thanks, best regards from Switzerland

Hi @Bobby,

the colour of your background changes with your battery level. I think it goes from blue (full) to red (low).
If you don’t want this mood background go to “Settings/Display/” and uncheck “Mood Background on lock screen”. It then shows your home screen wallpaper.
In case you want a different wallpaper for the lock screen and more personalization, I think you need to download a third party app.

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Just a wild guess. I don’t think is possible to change the colour, but it is possible to choose a different wallpaper. Perhaps there’s a wallpaper with colours that suit you better.

Hi Kris

Thank you, this (“Mood Background on lock screen”) was the solution!

I changed already the wallpaper (only black, dowloaded from the web), but the lock screen color didn’t change because the Option “Mood Background on lock screen” was enabled.

It works now, and later I can personalize the lockscreen with a third party app (if necessary).

Problem is solved, I am happy :slight_smile:

Best regards