How to change SIM slots for eSIM on Fairphone 4?

I am not able to use my eSIM which I activated a couple of days ago. In practice, this means that I can neither use my mobile data nor can I call someone. My Fairphone 4, however, shows a strong 4G signal. I was wondering whether the issue is related to the eSIM slots. I don’t have a physical SIM, only the eSIM in slot 2. Could it be that the problem can be solved by using slot 1 for my eSIM instead of slot 2? If so, how can I change this? I couldn’t find a setting to do this.

Can’t imagine that. I’m quite sure the slot numbering is directly connected to the ports. So there won’t be a change possible.
And “only” using slot 2 also generally works. I’ve used it successfully some time in this setup.

You may check out phone information menu ( *#*#4636#*#* ).

Did you contact your provider to check if the SIM is properly activated or if there are an other obstacles with provider and Fairphone in combination.

I contacted the provider and they checked the settings with me. Everything seems fine and they also don’t know what to do. They provided me with a new eSIM which is properly installed and activated. Unfortunately, the problem is still not solved. It’s strange because my mobile receives a signal and also it shows the name of the provider. But next to the signal there is a cross. Thus, somehow the signal is blocked /not received. It can also not be the case that phone and provider are not compatible because my girlfriend has the same FP4 and same provider. For her it works. I am thinking that my phone might be the reason? Maybe resetting my phone would be an option?

The cross normally means you dont have mobile data, but you said calls are also not working? Is VoLTE enabled? Have you checked the APN settings are the same as on your girlfriends phone. A factory reset might help and I think would be something support would require to trouble shoot, so you could try, just save your data before

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Could you check in your Account of your Provider if the Use of Datatraffic and Calls wirh the eSum is allowed?
For example I have 4 Sim Cards for my Mobilecontract, 3 of them are in mobilephones, two are allowd to take calls and Data, one is only allowed to use Dataconnection.
I could change it in my account with a few clicks If I want to prohibit calls or Datatransfer
But all 4 are activated in general.