How to change or add touch sounds

Hi there,
I plan to buy a phone for my wife as a birthday present. She really likes a special touch sounds you can activate on the Samsung Galaxy S3, which is the sound of a water drip or blob that you here when touching the display. Does anybody know if it is possible to add this (or in general: any) tone to the phone and select it as a touch sound?
Of course, I would be happy to give her a fairphone as a present, but I am afraid that she will miss the beloved “blob” she knows from other Samsung phones.
Thanks a lot for your help!
Best regards, Florian

Yes, it possible to have a sound when you’re touching the display.
But I don’t know if you can change the touchsound.
Ringtones etc. can be changed.

I don’t know how to add that sound or if it’s possible to do, but, with any Android smartphone, you can enable or disable the sound on touch:

Settings -> Language and Input -> tap on “AOSP Keyboard” settings icon -> then check “Sound Key”.

Setting -> Audio Profiles -> tap on the settings icon of the one you use (I.E. “Generals”) -> check the sound options you prefer at the end of the list, in the “System” tab.

I hope I helped you.

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Thanks for your instant replies so far! OK, it is possible to enable or disable a default touch sound or keypress sound. But when going through the settings, I am afraid that there seems to be no possibility to switch to a costumized sound. Or has anybody else by chance solved this particular issue?

There is a way to customize these sounds. I found the following link:

Luckily enough the FP already is rooted, so that’s not the problem. You have to go to the directory /system/media/audio/ui/ and there you find e.g. “KeypressStandard.ogg”. “Effect_Tick.ogg” should be the file, which gets played whenever you touch a button on the screen. You need to convert the sound of your liking, give it the name “Effect_Tick.ogg” (also convert it to *.ogg, it must be in the same format!) and replace the one in the directory with the new sound.

I hope this was written understandable. :slight_smile: If you are running into troubles, come back to us!

Edit: There is probably an app or a launcher, which can make this a lot easier for you. :slight_smile:

The link is very interesting. Having an app changing the touch sound may be an option…!
But I am just realizing that I do not seem to know much about my phone - how do I access the directory? Do I do this via my computer or can I access the folder /system/media/audio/ui/ via the FP? If yes, how? When starting the file manager, the directoy starts with “home”, showing “Phone storage” and “SD card” as directory options…

Just found a good video on this topic:

So I understand I need a root browser. I will try that and let you know!

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Worked - perfect! Thanks again for your support :smiley:

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You are very welcome! :slight_smile: Congratulations that you made this work! :slight_smile:

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