How to change gestures (i.e. to change starting camera with movement right to left)

sometimes I go crazy when I want to go to the next (right) screen. Mostly the camera ist started.
How can I change the gesture to avoid movement from roght to left?

Are you on Fairphone OS or Fairphone Open? And did you install the latest update?
I’m asking because the latest Fairphone OS (Android 6) doesn’t include FP’s edge swipe anymore - which I guess is the reason why you start the camera. If you’re on FP Open (not upgraded to Android 6 yet) or for some reason don’t want to upgrade the only thing you can do is make sure not to swipe from the very edge if you want to get to the next screen - just swipe in the middle of the screen.

My reply is a little bit late, but it worked. Thank you.
Now I am on 17.06.4, this is not included any more, as I know from your reply.

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