How to Change Cameras on FP4 with /e/ OS

Hi, I boght the Fairphone 4 with /e/ OS. The camera app that ist instlaled ist open camera. I cant change between normal und macro camera. How can i do it or do I need a different camera app?

the Fairphone 4 doesn’t come with a macro camera, but a wide angle one. you can switch to it by pressing an icon that looks like a camera with a + sign, it’s next to the shutter button.


i dont have this button in open camera. can you download the original camera app anywhere?

open the camera settings (top right corner), then go to “On screen GUI…”, and make sure that “multiple cameras icon” is enabled.

Why should the open camera not have a macro?
In the settings (3 points) there is a flower symbol next to the a (autofocus).
You try pressing on it ?
Do not confuse FP OS and /e/ OS, it can happen. :wink:

PS: And the open camera apk is available on every corner :slightly_smiling_face:

Only using Camera API not Camera API2 with my FP3

Do not quite understand :thinking:
This is about FP4 with /e/ OS and open camera !?
And no matter if API or API2 (Camera2 API smartass mode :wink:) the macro mode works.


Thanks for clarifying it works fine on the FP4

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ok i tried the macro mode on open camera but it didnt work.

to test it i put my finger over the buttom lens (the top lens is free) and change do macro mode. if the lens is change i should see somthing that is not my thumb but it doesnt happen it still uses the same lens.

Can i download the orignal fairphone 4 camera app anywhere?

macro mode just changes focus on the main camera. like I’ve said, the second camera on the Fairphone 4 is wide angle, NOT macro.

if you followed instructions from my previous comment for enabling the button for switching cameras, it should show up like on the screenshot:


Yes, you can find it somewhere, searching in the forum, but it still doesn’t work.

Oh Thx that did work out this time! I had to restart the app. Thx Problem solved.

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