How to buy a Fairphone 4 Motherboard?

Hello! On the fairphone webstore, there is’nt any mention of the motherboard (which is swappable), and noticed on the help page there :

My question is simple, where’s should we search to get one ?

Here are the price with the “manual labor” done in the repair center, so it should’nt be that high, no?

Thanks in advance!

Due to IMEI regulations, it’s not possible for Fairphone to sell user-replaceable mother-/mainboards. If the fault in the mainboard is covered by 5 year warranty though, the mainboard replacement should be free.

Only way to get a new one I know of if yours is broken is and the problem is not covered by warranty is to send your phone to the repair center.

Edit: An official Fairphone 4 FAQ article sites the reasons as follows:

"The Fairphone 4 core module is not available for sale due to the legal and logistical constraints regarding the administration of the IMEI numbers.

If you have a broken core module, please let our Customer Support team know. We will arrange to send your device to our Service center to replace the core module safely and responsibly."