How to become a Fairphone shareholder?

I would like to buy Fairphone shares, but I missed the Crowdfunding. Where can I find someone who want to sell shares? Is it possible to buy them? How?


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If anywhere, you’d find people wanting to sell their shares on this forum, I’d say.
You’d have to agree on the value amongst yourselves though. And apparently, it involves approval of the foundation board.
See Selling Fairphone Depositary Receipts


I tried to buy from an existing holder about a year ago and am still awaiting Fairphone approval, more or less given up.

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Hello @amoun

I want to sell my € 500 shares of Fairphone too.

Therefore I’m interested where you’re at the process and what you did prior to contacting the board.

Kind regards

NOTE: If anyone is interested in buying my shares which did initally cos €500, DM me with your offer and we will work out the documents together and contact the board. I am willing to put some amount of work into it, so recalling the board and make this happen is my dedication.

Hi @t0mas , did you find someone willing to sell their shares to you? If not, DM me, I’m interested to sell my shares which did cost initally €500.

No update. It seems Fairphone didn’t get anything sorted with the ‘share holder’ so I have not been contacted by either.

Too bad to hear this.

To you want to try again with my shares which I purchased for €500 back then? If yes, please DM me. Unfortunately I couldn’t DM you. Probably because my account is created newly.

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Yes, solution see #forumtrustlevels


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@iWantToSellMyFPshare should have had a mail from Oneplanetcrowd date 31th January 2023 in which you get the opportunity to sell your Fairphone Depositary Receipts.

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