How to be able to install and use any app on FP Open OS [meta discussion]

The latest version of microG can be found here.

Currently the latest version of microG Service Core is 0.2.4-22.
Currently the latest version of microG DroidGuard Helper is 0.1.0-3.

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So do i’m getting it right? In moment it is only possible to bypass SafeNet with an unrooted device?

Yes seems so unfortunately.

It’s hard to follow this “cat and mouse” game between developpers and SafetyNet :slight_smile: .
From what I understood reading pages of xda forum, the new version of SuHide is able to hide the root, but one of its prerequisite is Android 6.0, and for FP2 we are at Android 5.1…

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Yes - but what does it mean, when even the developers which provide a solution at the moment, questioning this game? Hiding root: a losing game - rant du jour

I just wonder how the future of an ungoogled Android can look like.

But right - for now all what we can do is to see if dirty hacks like SuHide or HideSU can offer us a solution till the next big move of the empire. :unamused:

You know, for most people who want a free(ish) OS it’s not exactly essential that apps like Pokemon Go still work.


And how about their banking apps?

Google is setting a precedent with this move to keep locking its system more deeply by making the Android apps ecosystem depend more on their Google Mobile Services. That is dangerous for the user freedom: you’ll need to lend (more) the control of your device to Google for it to be useful for your live. Despicable Google.

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There is already a pull request to pass SafetyNet without the need to hide or remove root:


All banks (except N26) do not require a smartphone. You can use their website in combination with iTAN/mTAN/chipTAN/photoTAN.


Hi, I would also like to report that Tingle worked flawlessly, I have tried to spoof the google signature needed for mircroG using the android-checkin java scripts and Needle and I had the same error you had, tingle was the only one that worked, thanks ale5000!


Did you use android-checkin.jar to get a device ID for BlankStore? Did it work? I got mine two and a half years ago and, AFAIK, the script stopped working at some point (the ID still works, though, but people from my surroundings couldn’t get a new device ID for them)

I’ve just learned about the “swap apps” feature in F-droid. Maybe it could be added to this wiki?


I hate to quote the employer of child-labourers, but it’s a wiki, so just do it! :slight_smile:

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What do you mean? :confused:

Edit: oh, I got that. I personally don’t have any trainers from them.

You’re right, I’ve just done it!

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I have created a flashable ZIP that installs microG + Google Play Store easily.

PS: It contains an old version of Play Store (but with this version the in-app purchases are working fine).
Obviously you have to disable Play Store auto-update in some way otherwise it will auto-update itself.

@ale5000: I am trying to use Tingle. running “python3” results in a choice
1 - patch file from a device (adb)
2 - patch file from the input folder

this is not adressed in you github readme – i figured out that i want to use “1”, but it would be nice to have it explained in the readme :slight_smile:

thanks for your efforts with tingle! :+1:

edit: could you also have a look here? =) – thx

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The option 1 does everything automatically, the option 2 is needed if you manually copy the file to patch in the pc and put it in the input folder, the hidden option 3 if you patch directly from the phone.

I will update the readme in the future.

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great, thanks (from the future users :stuck_out_tongue: )
I have another question: after patching with Tingle, do i need to leave the developer and usb debugging and root options enabled or may i turn them off?

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