How to backup your phone without using Google Drive

I have a FP3 and are asked to make a full backup before resetting it to its original state. The FAQ only describes a backup on google drive and since I am not nuts I am searching for alternative solutions.

I would like to do a backup on my Linux PC, but if I connect my phone to my PC via USB I cannot access any data.

How can I make a backup without using Google Drive?

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Welcome to the community forum!
I invite to read the community guide for doing a backup, found under the tag #dic:backup.

Did you select the File transfer mode in the settings, found in Devices I think.
Otherwise try switching USB debugging on in the #dic:developeroptions


Welcome to the forum, CalamityJane! Indeed, smart idea to use a local Linux PC instead of that shady G00gle Drive. I guess it depends on the distro you’re using, on some it works out of the box. I had to install some mtp-tools first before it was working, but now it’s going flawlessly. I don’t have the full manual at hand right now, but “mtp” is the direction to go. :wink:

Edit: @Alex.A was faster, as usual :slight_smile:


Activating file transfer in the USB setting did the trick!


I did the same after getting the phone to connect with my linux machine by activating file transfer in the USB settings.

I first did a “normal” copy to my PC, but since I don’t really trust it I researched for an option using rsync, which works well, after you finally found out the proper settings.

I have installed now go-mtpfs, which luckily exists already compile for Ubuntu 18.04 , mounted the phone after creating the mount folder and giving it 777 access rights and now I watch the lines of a lovely rsync rushing by in my bash window.

Now I even consider writing a tiny backup script for regular backups via rsync.

$ mkdir /media/myuser/FP3
$ sudo chmod 777 /media/myuser/FP3
$ go-mtpfs /media/myuser/FP3

Then I opened a second shell and rsync to my local back up directory, which I had created before:

$ rsync -va /media/myuser/FP3/ /home/myuser/FP3backup/

The only thing, which was not transferred was a file disk/.android_secure/ but it doesn’t look important.

Thank you for your help!


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