How to backup&restore with FP2

I wonder about the best way to backup&restore the FP2 without an Google account.

According to the FP1 seemed to have a backup&restore app, but I don’t find such an app pre-installed with FP2.
So: Is there a pre-installed backup solution (other than using a Google account, which I don’t want to do)?

And if not, which backup solution should I take?
A lot of people seem to recommend a titanium backup ( But there we seem to need root access (well second thread today where root access seems to be an issue, which maps to

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Yeah I think the best option is to wait for the official how-to-root-instructions from Fairphone and use titanium backup then.
Alternatively you can find many backup apps on f-droid.
Also Amaze seems to be able to backup data, but I haven’t tried yet. Amaze is preinstalled.

For more info check Backup Solutions without Root Access.