How to backup Mails in K9 Mail

Can somebody give me a hint how to backup my mails in K9? Can’t find any such function in K9 itself.
Searched the storage high and low and up and down to find where K9 stores the mails. Nowhere, apparently. :confused:

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I have a folder “com.fsck.k9” in my internal storage but since I keep all mail saved on the server (of openmailbox and riseup in my case) there are no mails saved there. Do you have that folder?
But if you have the mails saved on the server of your mail provider you don’t need to backup.

Also if you do a thorough backup, e.g. with Titanium Backup, all mails will be saved IF they are stored on the phone.

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Thanks! Yes that folder is there, but it contains only settings, no mails.

I only keep the latest mails on server so I can fetch them to several mail clients. Since I have the old mails on PC I ran the update without a special backup for K-9.
After the update, all mails were still there, so everything’s fine.

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Cool. :smile: Then I guess they are saved somewhere else where they are not whiped during an update.

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