How to backup for travel and security

Hey guys,
can you help me with something more specific…?
I wand to go on a travel and take my FP2 with me. What would you recommend me to do before for security?
I want to:

  1. Save contacts and calendar on a computer at home so I could easily transfer it on a new FP2
  2. make sure no one can use the contacts, mails, WhatsApp and so on from my phone if it gets stolen
  3. anything else you’d recommend me to do before i go?

I use the FP because of its fair components but Im not much into Android or Software topics, so I prefere easy solutions.

Thanks a lot!!

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Maybe MyPhoneExplorer?

You can set up a screen lock (PIN, password or pattern) and encrypt your phone. Both is found at Settings → Personal → Security.

With the menu item “Owner info”, you can enter a text which is shown on the lock screen (Name, e-mail address and phone number* is recommended).

But I recommend also to stick a sticker with your name, address, phone number* and e-mail address onto your battery and/or on the inside of the back cover. The “Owner info” is not shown when the battery is empty. So a finder can contact you in case he finds your lost phone.

*Don’t use the number of your Fairphone, but the number of another phone!


@TobiasF already raised good points.

For me very important as well, when traveling, is to make sure to have a VPN access I can trust. This way you can connect to open WIFI networks along your way, without needing to fear someone is reading out all your data, while getting free access to the internet.
Though I think this is generally good to have, but especially makes sense when traveling.

Just check online, there are a couple of VPN vendors available. Maybe even your employer/university/school has one set up.


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