How to back up text messages with TWRP connection?

Hi there!

I’m one of the FP2 users hit by the following bug.
Only solution is to back-up and reset.

I’ve backed up everything except my text messages (SMS) from my Google Android Messages App.

However, among other things this bug prevents:

  1. from installing new Apps, updating installed Apps (there no way to install SMS Backup & Restore
  2. from connecting my FP2 to my PC with USB

I’ve managed to access my FP2 internal storage from my PC via TWRP

So I could copy the place/file where Google Messages saved my text messages hoping that would allow me to reinstall them after reset.

But I don’t know what to copy.

FYI, my PC is with Ubuntu, but I can use a Win10 PC if needed.

Thanks a lot for any help!

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I have no practical experience with this, but for what it’s worth …

Perhaps you need to use the TWRP terminal to copy this to somewhere else where you can access it from the computer.


Thanks @AnotherElk ! But I haven’t found yet this db file. Anyone else has experience with that? Or could anyone indicate me another forum about general Android issues where I could ask this question, which is not a purely FP issue?

You can do a twrp backup. This creates several extractable files.
It also creates the file recovery.log. There you can search for mmssms.db. In my case it’s at /data/user_de/0/
After extracting the compressed files you can find the database there. mmssms.db is an sqlite db. You can possibly later restore it or view the content via an sqlite viewer.


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