How to automatically connect FP5 to car Bluetooth

If I have the Fairphone5 connected via Bluetooth to the car, when I turn off the ignition and turn it on again, it loses the Bluetooth connection and does not recover it, I have to establish it again manually.

I have not found a way for the FP5 to automatically connect to the car’s Bluetooth every time I start it

How can I achieve it?

thank you and greetings

Mine connects automatically without any special settings, with different cars. So are you sure the issue is at the FP side?

Here’s the same. Every time I start my car, it connects automatically via bluetooth and some seconds later, it connects wirelesse with Android Auto and starts my last app (most of the time Waze in fullscreen, but this depends on my last usage when I switched off my car).

I’m investigating to see if it’s my car
thanks to both of you