How to answer to an offer

I saw an offer and wanted to reply. The hotmail appears but without Details Tod send it

I guess you are talking about the forum’s #market?
Topics there are closed after one hour to avoid them reappearing in the /latest view all the time. You’ll have to send the person a private message. That is only possible once you are no longer ranked as a “new member”.
To rank up you’ll have to be (a little) active in the forum. Just read a few topics and post a few comments.

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@Kerstin_Hoffmann Mind that No-content Replies are discouraged. It is better to post some meaningful replies, for example you could introduce yourself to the forum community. :slight_smile:


If the offer contains a hotmail address, you could just copy/paste it to an e-mail. Most people make e-mail addresses non-clickable (e.g. by replacing the @ by “[at]”) to avoid being found by bots and receiving too much spam…


Hi Stefan, there is no way to answer … I really do´t know what I can do to contact this guy.



You can’t because of 2 reasons:

  1. The topic is closed. Nobody can reply to the topic. To contact the vendor, you have to email or PM
  2. You can’t send a PM yet, because you’re a “New User”. Only “Basic Users” can send messages.

No need to post. The only requirement for discourse (the forum software) to trust users enough is reading around the forum a bit. It should take around 10 minutes of looking around in various places. The main issue holding people back seems to be that they’re not being logged as reading enough posts. This is understandable when people mainly look in the marketplace (enough different topics, but not enough posts), and is a limitation of the current setup - which is a trade-off between anti-spam and accessibility.

Once discourse trusts a user enough, it will award the ‘basic user’ badge, which shows up in the notifications. After that, the user can click other user’s names to pop up a screen with a ‘message button’ (top right in the box that pops up).


good idea, I would like to write him an email, but without email address…

Well, if they didn’t include their email address (which sounds logic to me), you will just have to spent 10 minutes reading some posts on this forum and gaining the “Basic User” level.


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