How to add contacts as favourites

How do you mark particular contacts as favourites? Thanks for your help fellow Fairphone users!

Go to the app ‘Persons’ and tip the star in the right upper corner when you’re on a contact that you want to make favourite.

Thanks for the reply. But when I tap the contact to highlight the one I want to make a favourite, the star disappears. There doesn’t seem to be a way of highlighting the person you want to favourite. Thanks again.

You first tap on the contact and when the contact-details are on your screen, then you tap on the star.

Unless I’m doing it wrong, that’s not what happens. I tap on the contact in my alphabetical list of people and it takes me to the contact but the star disappears. Thanks.

Are you sure you’re in the app ‘Persons’ and not in the app ‘Phone’?

Yeah I’m in that app (it’s called People on my phone).

Sorry, it is indeed called ‘People’?
Could you try something.
Go to the app 'People’
And now tap directly to the star (the third icon on top)
Are there contacts already there.
And then I mean not in the list of regular? contacts.

When you’re in your list ‘Contacts in phone’ are, then the contacts which are favourite have a white star. And with contacts that are not favourite the star is faded out.

Right did that and that helped me worked out what the problem is. When I first got the phone and put in my Sim from my previous phone, it transferred around half of the numbers automatically into the phone. I added the rest manually and when it ran out of the space on the Sim card, I added the rest to the phone. The ones on the phones are the only ones that I can mark as favourites. When I click on the contacts on the Sim, the star is not there. So if I import all the Sim ones to the phone, it should work but using the import/export function, it looks like I have to click each contact individually to import them. Is there a way to select all and do that. Thanks.


If you want to Import/export contacts:
Open the app ‘people’, then tap the button far left down on your phone.
Select the list you want to copy from.
Tap on 'next’
Select thet list you want to copy to.
Tap on ‘next’

If you want ALL the contacts to export, then don’t mark any contact, but tap on “0 select” now you get the option to import all contacts. Tap on this option and then “ok”.

Right done that and now I can mark the ones I want as favourites. I do now have a load of duplicate contacts but so be it! Thanks for all your help.

You can choose to not show them if you go to the People app, press the menu button and select Contacts to display. There you can select e.g. “Phone” and then SIM-contacts won’t display anymore.

Great, thanks. Done that and it’s worked.


Excellent, glad it’s sorted.

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