How to activate the network speed indicator in the status bar on FP4?

Hi everybody, I searched everywhere, in all the settings, used the settings search function, but I cannot find where to activate that basic feature.

What exactly do you mean? Could you possibly show a picture?

BTW, which software are you running on your phone?

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I assume you mean the indicator that shows the current upload/download speed in the status bar next to the network connection icon(s). I know this exists - or at least existed - on LineageOS, but it does not seem to be a standard Android feature and at least the stock FPOS does not have it to my knowledge.


Still available with /e/ on the FP2 (1.12.3, Android 11)

Never seen it on FPOS.

N.B. - This indicator does not show “network speed” in the sense of what is frequently termed “bandwidth”. It just shows the volume of data currently being sent and received.

The setting is in
Settings > System > Status bar > Network traffic monitor

Units can be kb/s, Mb/s, kB/s or MB/s


I use Network Monitor Mini Pro and place the measure anywere on screen.

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Yes it has always been available in /e/OS on FP2 and never on FP4.
I think the reason is the notch of FP4 where it’s displayed on e.g. FP2.

Thanks for all your answers. It’s disappointing that this basic feature is not available on FP4 OS. Many other brands, like Samsung, offer it.

The latest official FP4 OS build from June 5th 2023.

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