How to activate the LED notification?

Hello everyone,

I’ve owned a FP2 for a few months now and was really surprised that it had no notification LED. After a few internet searches, I found out that it does have one but it seems there are a few problems with it.
My questions are the following:

  • Where is the LED?? I never saw it (even when I charge my phone whether it is turned on or off)!
  • How can I activate it? when I search for it in the settings, there is a “LED notification” setting (I don’t have the exact wording my phone is in French!) but when I click on it, it just leads me to the “sounds and notifications” menu…

Many thanks for your answers!! :slight_smile:

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In the settings of each app you can set the led settings.

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But if you never saw a LED - not even e.g. when charging - then I guess your LED is broken. It’s in the top module. Maybe it would be worth a try to #disassemble the phone and clean the connector between the top module and the rest of the phone.


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