How to activate the alarm clock at an encrypted phone?


I encrypted my phone and now, the alarm clock doesn’t work anymore if the phone is switched off. Is there any possibility to avoid this (other app, changes in the settings,…)?

The alarm never worked when the phone was switched off.
This is a limitation of all Android phones as far as I know.
You can get around this problem using the “Scheduled power on & off” feature in Settings > System for turning on the phone before the alarm goes off.

Excuse me for venting a non-researched opinion. I extrapolated from my experiences with my previous phone (and as anyone doing statistics, I should have known that’s not a good idea).

This certainly works on phones, which are not encrypted. As far as I know, apart from encrypted phones, this feature is also not available on Cyanogen Mod.

The issue has been reported to the FP team:

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That’s a bummer. Did not know that!

In my case, the device is powered on, and starts ticking (annoyingly) while waiting for the encryption code.

… which will probably not be able to do something about it.

Let me explain: I think it’s defunct by design. The system cannot access apps, because they are in the encrypted storage. Also, at least parts of the system itself are encrypted and not accessible without encrypting. The alarm is run by an app, and the app is run by the system.

I’d be glad to convinced that my logic is faulty, or that I have no understanding how Android 4.2.2 it’s encryption works, at all.

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I understand what humorkritik wrote.
Now, I wonder why the Fairphone can be automatically switched on - and stays in this annoying ticking mode - but the alarm clock is encrypted. Both parts can stay in the not-encrypted part of the system. Would be mean no lack of security, wouldn’t it?

And possibly this would be a way, which FP could improve the system. I also don’t know if this is feasible though…

My understanding was that the wake up function was a problem for all encrypted android devices (certainly before Lollipop anyway). Maybe worth searching the net, perhaps there is a fix somewhere

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I don’t think so.

Keeping track of the time is surely a basic function outside of Android. Turning the device on (by button, or timer) surely also is. Compare it to a PC: the BIOS keeps track of the time, and basic functionalities like wake-on-lan, or simply a on/of schedule (the latter was possible in some BIOS, as I vaguely remember). The BIOS can also take care of annoying beeping and ticking sounds, I assure you. :wink:

Running a program which plays a complicated (and wuite probably compressed) sound file and gives you a fancy UI to set multiple alarm times is something different. It runs inside the OS, in this case: Android.

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