How to access WhatsApp folder with storage upgrade?


after a bunch of problems (Apps disappearing from homescreen after update to 1.8 (internal storage and partition upgrade)) I downgraded to 1.6, installed the storage upgrade and now installed 1.8 again.
All problems with apps disappearing and so on seem to be solved now :smile:

But: With all the down- and upgrades my data obvisouly was erased, but I made a backup before, including the WhatsApp Backup of my conversations.

But somehow I can’t find the Whatsapp folder after connecting my phone with my Computer via USB…
The option “Connect as USB-storage” doesn’t work at all, connecting it as MTP works but I only have access to a few folders - unfortunately WhatsApp isn’t one of them.

Is there something I’m missing? Where can I find all the other folders (including WhatsApp) after the update?


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Hey, the problem now is, that Windows (Mac too, I guess) on default only lets you access the user folders and not any system folders (like app data).

I think the easiest workaround is the following. Please let us know, if it works for you. :slight_smile:

###Instructions on how to backup Whatsapp data from a file

  1. Copy the Whatsapp data to your SD card.
  2. Download and install a root browser. (I use Open Explorer Beta.)
  3. Using the root browser on your phone, copy the Whatsapp files from your SD card to the appropiate folders in the directory /data/data/com.whatsapp/.

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Nope, didn’t work unfortunately…

Was able to access the WhatsApp folder, but when I pasted the folder “Databases” there, the app always crashed when I wanted to open it… So i deleted it again, app worked fine but of course non of my old conversations were there. Nontheless the app has created now a folder “databases” on its own, but the files in there look totally different than the ones in my backup.