How to access TWRP to install LineageOS

Hi there,

Could be that I’m very stupid. But it’s impossible for me to access the custom recovery TWRP on my FP 2 running Android 6.

When I try the power + Volume up combination I end up in a screen showing an Android lying in the floor and a “no command” error.

Through other button combinations (don’t know exactly which ones, I just press randomly) I geht to the normal recovery. But not to TWRP.

I already thought that it’s may not installed, and tryed to install it via ADB and fastboot. And this seemed to work.
But I still can’t launch TWRP.

Has anyone an idea what could solve my problem?

Thank you in advance!

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Yeah seems you don’t have TWRP installed (successfully). From the lying android you have to press Power + Volume up again to open that menu.
From there you can install TWRP if you have put the zip file on the SD card.

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When trying to install TWRP from fastboot, you have to boot directly into the newly flashed TWRP afterwards, like described here:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thank you for your help. I think I now managed to install TRWP. I’m also now running Lineage OS :smiley:
looks really nice and smooth :slight_smile:

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