How stable is the current FP open?

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i just want to ask you guys about the current status of FP Open. How stable is the OS ? I heard/read a lot bad things from lags, to spontaneous reboots to complete fails. Is there anything true about this? Hope it runs fluid now without any hick ups. I amm really looking forward for the next Fairphone as my next handset.


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I only got my fairphone for a month, so I’m probably not the best guy around to speak about stability… but here is my short experience.

I’m using FP open OS since the very beginning, so it’s a little more than a month now. And I have not encounter a single stability problem. I’m not a “hardcore” user : mail, SMS, a few videos, phone calls (well, it’s still the main idea for me…), RSS reading, photos (with the brand new module which seems very fine to me with open camera, not with the default application), contacts and calendars syncs everyday, etc.

I came from an iphone 6 and Open OS, that comes without any silly stuff, appear as some kind of restful system.

Again, I only have a month experience, but for now I’m a very happy user of fairphone open os :wink:



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In my opinion the OS is not the problem, the issues you mention are mostly hardware related.

If you consider the Fairphone 2, most of them run totally fine, but there are two possible main problems you can run into:

  1. Build quality tended to be inconsistent. Whether that still is the case with the new batch of units … we can’t say yet, they are new.

  2. Most software problems can be solved with the help of this awesome forum here. And you can check out different OSes with ease because the Fairphone 2 is a very open device.
    But if you have a hardware problem that needs sorting out by Fairphone (as said above, normally you shouldn’t, but if …), Fairphone struggle a bit with support.
    Judging by reading along in the forum it can be said that calling Fairphone support gets things done in a timely manner, while writing requests to them results in unsatisfactory experiences way more often.
    Furthermore parts may not always be available if needed, so if a part needs to be exchanged, there can be a waiting time.
    Fairphone of course try to better the situation, but currently it is as it is.

So that being said … if your Fairphone 2 would have no problems running the stock Fairphone OS, it most likely would have no problems running Fairphone Open OS either. And if you don’t like Fairphone Open OS (based on Android 6), you can check out LineageOS (based on Android 7.1), a growing number of users prefer that now.

The installation of an alternative OS to replace the stock Fairphone OS might fail at first perhaps as may be the case with any OS installation anywhere, but that can be remedied relatively easily by installing the recovery part and the OS manually.


Also …

I only know that FP Open (at least in it’s early days) was a mess with loads of different bugs etc. As I use Lineage about since FP Open with Marshmallow (6.0) was released, I can’t comment on that. But I think I have read in the forums that it’s better than Lollipop (5.1).


My Fairphone 2 runs FP Open OSand I use mainly apps from F-Droid and some off Yalp. I
The only problem I can think of is very seldom a reboot.
So I am very glad with FP Open OS to get rid of Google as much as I can.


My FP Open OS is completely stable.

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