How should we organize the unofficial Second Hand Fairphone Marketplace?

Maybe we should make this a wiki thread, so that sellers and buyers can add their offers to the first post and remove once they found someone.

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Let’s see what @Stefan and @Chris_R think about that!

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Yeah, we could do that. I suggest that buyers and sellers should add a timestamp. Offers should get removed 1 month after they have been put in to avoid an ever-growing list.


I’d like to propose that all FP for sale-offers should be published with a price tag. This way the selling rates could be more fair and not risk turning into “let’s see what people offer in private messages”-price battles.
Also if the prices are published then anyone wanting to sell their phones can see where theirs are in the price line, since the relevant factors (age, intensity of use, scratches, equipment etc.) are mentioned in the post.
What do others think about this?

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Having thought about it some, we are in danger of moving into an area that FP hadn’t intended us to go in becoming a marketplace for people to sell their phones. It opens up a can of worms I think that maybe we don’t want, like liability issues.

I am very much of the opinion that sales should go through proper reseller platforms such as ebay

If all sales were happening elsewhere, we could ask for a specific market place category on the forum where we would require a new topic titled with either [WANTED] with the specific request or [FOR SALE] with a description an link to the sale. Once a topic has been fulfilled, the topic title should be changed to [FULFILLED] or [SOLD] or something like that.

What do you think?


I very much agree with going through established retail platforms. I would neither sell nor buy something to/from some stranger in a forum and I don’t think we should encourage that.

Are you worried that people would not pay the money / deliver the phone if it is done via this forum only? Or that they lie about the condition of the phone?
I have bought equipment through tech forums on the internet - and there everybody was present with a nickname only. It was always a risk of course, but it always went well. And actually, the way I bought my FP1 was also with a bit of optimism and trust in the fairphone people.

“established retail platforms” like ebay are not 100 % secure and good (in Germany at least you regularly read of fraud), and also why should ebay get money out of a fairphone sale?

Every FP is registered and Fairphone even offers to let you check in advance if the phone ID is registered as stolen, and they will update the ownership-data.
If you buy a used phone there is never a guarantee if it really works as well as described (again, read some of the comments on ebay) so there is no less security to buy from someone within this community.
I personally would feel comfortable buying a used phone from someone who is active in the community here, even if I don’t know him/her personally. (someone else probably will :wink: )
So in short: let’s not make it obligatory for people to have to register on a retail platform to sell their phone and offer it here.

This is an good example (in German/y), the nexave community - a tech forum originally on handheld devices, then also on smartphones etc. They have been running a maketplace within the forum successfully for ages, - and they don’t consider the members of the forum as ,strangers’.

I’m actually also not a big fan of “proper reseller platforms”. I don’t know of any ethical reseller platform and why should ebay profit from people reselling their Fairphone if we can also have them resell it here without any big company getting a piece of the pie?
I think as long as everybody reads the savely-sell-and-buy-howto, we’re good.

And about the Wiki: You know me, I’m always pro wiki! :wink:


I think, at least for Germany, would be exactly the right place to trade used Fairphones!
It’s a new marketplace for those things.


According to my very new experience see here, the kind of market place I dream should not be only for second and phones but also for spare parts. And also for special needs.

The success of the fairphone is not first from technique, but from the concept of fairness where a company and a community are linked.

The success of a fair second hand market place would be not on having the best price, the best material, but the fairest one according on ideas of solidarity, sustainability, no-obsolescence.

People looking for the best price know the best places for that (ebay…). People looking for the best technique know the places for that.

The best opportunity a market place on could offer is about fairness assumed as long as possible by the community.

Yes rules must be kept to preserve quality, credibility, but the aim is elsewhere, further, deeper.

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