How should I dispose of an old broken cover?

My old original cover broke and I got a new one from guarantee replacement. So far so good, I love my new cover!
Now I would like to get rid of my old cover. It’s broken (one side of the ring is completely deformed) and I can’t think of any way to reuse it. Therefore I would like to throw it away, possibly recycle it.
Is it possible to throw it in the plastic bin? Should remove / separate the ring from the back cover?

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Look at this graphic from the Fairphone blog:

Throwing the cover away is not so big a deal, as if you were to throw away one of the other modules. Unless it goes to a landfill, it can at least be incinerated and generate electricity.


It depends on the collection system in your country.
If you have a separate collection of plastics, I would advise to use that. Taking the two parts apart will probably not help, since most of the mixed plastic recyclers use the general mix to create, for example, street furniture.

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Sure, the cover does not have a big environmental footprint, still, as it is not a difficult procedure (it is only about putting the cover in the right kitchen bin), I am happy to know I can put it in the plastic bin.

Thx, I hope it will end up on some street soon then!

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:warning: Like @danielsjohan said it depends on your local collection system! Here in Austria there are different regulations in every district. In some you can only throw away PET bottles in the “plastic” bin and everything else goes into “residual waste”, even if it is made of plastic.

Since I am already on my 3rd back cover, which also slowly starts to show first signs of falling apart, I am considering to send them all back at some point to Fairphone, so they are remembered on the great design of these covers and their ridiculous replacement policy.
I am still mad that they didn’t want to replace my cover with a redesigned one, but gave me another one where disintegration will happen for sure. What a waste …
On the other hand, in a few months when I will definitively need my fourth back cover, maybe by then they will have backcovers again in acceptable colors.

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