How quickly do you get an email confirming a Referral purchase?

Hi there, a family member recently (a week ago) bought a Fairphone via my referral link (or that’s what they told me) - but I haven’t received an email confirming it. Does anyone know if it gets sent out straight away? Or does it wait until the phone has been sent or something? Just wondering if I should chase it, or worry about my email filtering…


Hello, I last got one such “reward” in May. The first email was triggered right after my friend had ordered a Fairphone, and the second email 14 days later to confirm the purchase was paid and completed and my “reward” code valid. From my memory it was always like this (two emails, 14 days in between). The sender address was always: postman :slight_smile: candymail • ch

Have you checked spam folders and the like?

I can always see my “rewards” on a page like (the XXXXXXX is a placeholder where I deleted my own referral program ID).

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Thanks, that’s really helpful - I’ve just confirmed my email and can see the page, but sadly it doesn’t list anything. Maybe I should have confirmed before it was used… That’s cool though, I can chase it up with Fairphone support anyway.