How much free RAM and memory space should be available


Do I have to free space – by moving it to my SD card – to get the same “smooth experience” of my FP2 again as it was the case a few weeks ago?

Very often in the last time the FP2 reacts very delayed when I use it in the first minutes after the sleep mode. A state which is not acceptable …

So please have a look at the screenshots.

Hmm, would it be possible the increase/change the RAM of the FP2? … to prevent buying the FP3 – as nice it would be …

Thanks again and again!

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You can’t actually increase the RAM on any smartphone yet (not even FP3), but you can always delete unnecessary files like the cache-memory in your storage to make it faster. When I did this on my Fairphone 2, it was huge (>7GB!) and since then the device is running way smoother. To delete apps you don’t use is a good thing to do as well :wink:

Someone also told me once that it’s always good to have at least twice the amount of free space available in your storage than the total capacity of the device’s RAM… So yes, moving files, medias and apps to your micro-SD card should be a good idea I think.

Worst case scenario, you could perform a hard reset, which should solve the problem…

Anyway, it’s always better to try than not!

Best of luck :wink:

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