How (much) do you keep up with the forum?

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to know how you guys are keeping up with new stiff on the forum.

I just recently changed the forum settings, and now I try to look into all new topics, not only into those which are from the last two days. I use the web forum on my pc more often, but I started to check via FF on my phone as well.
I tried to minimise notifications via mail.

I notice that the mods, especially , are quite fast to react.

So, how do you manage, technically - and how do you, socially? Does the forum take much of your attention?


I disabled all email notifications - I’m online here every day anyway.

The forum does take up a lot of my time (according to these statistics I’ve spent 43 x 24 hours reading posts on the forum), but I do a lot of it while multitasking. E.g. I always have a FP Forum tab open when my browser is open so I get notifications and whenever I’m traveling alone in public transportation I’m on the mobile site. :slight_smile:

Here are my settings:

(additionally I also watch some tags)

PS: E.g. while writing this I was live watching/listening to James Comey’s hearing.


These are my settings:

I think it helps social life to mute the categories that you are not interested in / can’t contribute anyways. :slight_smile:

PMs go to my email inbox so that I can respond from my email program rather than having to open up the forum. Other than that I don’t receive any email notifications.

I’m using the forum on my FP1 during my commute, but I suspect that the experience on Firefox for Android is not as good as on Chrome for Android because the former is not officially supported by Discourse (our forum software).


I just use the “latest topics” to get an overview of the latest topics. There, I can easily see which topics are new and whether or not there are new posts in the topics I marked as “tracked”. I start reading from the bottom (oldest “new” topics/posts first) to the top, opening the topics in new tabs. Since the forum is always opened in a tab (I have some tabs that are always opened in Chrome), I check it rather often during the day.


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