How long should an FP2 battery last for?

Hi there,

I’ve been following the guidelines in the battery guide, with little noticeable improvement so far.

My FP2 is a couple of years old now. How long should the battery last for before I should consider buying a replacement? What is the life of a battery?




It’s very variable and depends on:

  • usage
  • environmental conditions (heat, moist, … )
  • “coincidence”
  • and probably many more factors

Warranty is 1 year (as opposed to 2 years for all other modules).

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@Richard1 I think as long as you are satisfied with the power of the battery there’s no need to buy a new one. My MacBook is from 2010 and it still has the original battery, although it only lasts for 3 hours now. But that doesn’t bother me, because I mainly use it in places where I have power plugs.

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Have you noticed a clear battery degrade yet (suppose the battery can not be older than 2 years)?

That’s the wrong question, technically at least, because you’re expecting an answer full of wishfull thinking.

From my point of view: Any phone’s battery that last not at least a week is non-sufficient. I’m living with the issue, but it’s definetly sh**. I do remember those times, when one charge lasted for 10 days straight.

The battery issues FP2 has, are worrying me, too. Sometimes, I’ve only hours of usage, a day straight is a challenge. There’s no way I do see solutions like: Turn off connectivy as a solution working for me, because connectivy is why I bought a Smartphone. I’m living with the hope of a breakthrough in battery technology.


Or cold ;-). My battery life has always been mediocre at best. It barely lasts a day. But now since winter startet it’s even worse. I sometimes loose 20% on my bike ride from work to home, in 15%. With medium use, I can made it through the day. But if I go out, I really need to remember charging before. I often charge it two times a day now.


It’s more likely that cold is a Problem then heat, because any battery swaps electric energy for heat, which leads to increasing decharging speed when temperatures fall. That’s why soldiers are carrying batteries next to their body and that’s why in winter much more issues with car batteries occur then in summer.

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I bought my FP2 used, so i don’t know how well the battery has been treated. Making it barely through a day is an annoyance for me, but the sudden drops in percentage and the very fast discharge as soon as <18% is reached makes the phone really unreliable for me. (When reaching around 18%, i can see the battery loosing around 1% per minute. And that is with power saving enabled at 15% automatically.

I have the following drops:

  • (Sometimes : ~40% to ~16%)
  • 13% to 7%
  • after 7% it discharges so fast, i cant even send an SMS to friends anymore before the phone turns of.

I followed all the tips in the #batteryguide, but that does not change anything. So my question is (I image @Richard1 is interested in this as well): Did you have similar problems that were fixed with a new battery? Did some of you buy new batteries already? How is your battery lifetime?


I try to avoid it of course, but occasionally I used up the battery to the limit, but I never experienced a sudden drop even if it went down to 6% or even 4%. It was a rational decline all the way.

If I would use the phone continuously for the whole day browsing web pages and taking pictures for example, it wouldn’t last that day I suppose. I don’t want to imagine what playing demanding games would do to the battery :slight_smile:

With my non-power user average usage however it easily lasts a day and more, but I usually charge it at night.
Lacking better battery options, I would get me a powerbank otherwise.

I am not a power user, so my battery lasts over a day, generally (1.5 year old FP2, FPOS). These days I plug the phone to sound speakers all day, connected to WIFI all day to a web radio, and it make through the day. The only time I noticed such fast discharging was when I was watching a video with a low % battery (like close to 15%), and then I could literally see the battery % dropping, even faster than 1%/min. But since I seldom watch any video, it never occurred again. I think I came across a forum user stating the same behaviour about watching youtube video with a low battery.

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[quote=“ben, post:8, topic:36043, full:true”]
the sudden drops in percentage and the very fast discharge as soon as <18% is reached makes the phone really unreliable for me.[/quote]

I have the same problems for two months now - gotten slowly worse during that time - and just ordered a new battery. If I remember to I will let you know how that goes, but it might take a while until I actually have it.


Its so hard to tell. Battery life improved a while back after a FP software update.

As it stands its not lasting like I want it to. I have a Samsung for work use and the difference is very noticable - especially as the battery life drops below 30%.


I agree with everything you are saying and share your experience too Ben. You are very right I’d be interested in knowing if others could answer if they have:

Did you have similar problems that were fixed with a new battery? Did some of you buy new batteries already? How is your battery lifetime?

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Thanks all for sharing your experiences - very interesting! Please keep them coming… :slight_smile:

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I do have a powerbank. But every I recharge the powerbank, I do decrease the possible amount of additional recharges. It’s the same with any Kind of battery, you do only have so much rechargings. Besides, when recharging with a powerbank, I experience sudden drops in usability of the phone. I can’t surf, I can’t Text. The whole technology is an enlightment in itself.

Hi. @Richard1 and @ben: I have the same problem. I see myself getting nervous around 30% battery status. Through experience: I can not tell from which point but I also see the status running down like a rocket launch countdown. Without any consumer running. So I also started to charge at least twice a day. I have charging infrastructure everywhere where I spend my time. It’s really annoying sometimes. I also considered buying a new one. But I would also like to find out how much capacity of the battery is still there. In my notebook, Lenovo, there is a detailled battery pack utility where I can find a lot of information on the battery. Why can’t I see anything like that in the Android environment? Hope as well to find a clue soon.

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I have also problems with my 2 years old phone for the last months. After the 50% the phone isn’t really usable since the battery is dropping really fast and is not predictable.

I have bought my FP2 in july 2016. I am running LineageOS. I also see a power loss like a rocket around 20% capacity. I have ordered a new battery minutes before …

Reminder: Original batteries for Fairphone 2 are given only one year of warranty (instead of two years).

Please report your experiences with the new battery here. I’m still reluctant to buy a new battery, since when I charge two times a day, everything works. But on the other hand: It would be nice to be able to trust the battery more.

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