How is Fairphone customer support nowdays?


I am not sure if this is the right place for this question.

Has anyone here ever contacted customer support? How was the company response to your problem? Thank you


I bought a FP3 several years ago, and my experience was really bad. The phone has a hardware problem (it still has it) and I was unable to contact the company (I sent emails and did everything I could on that time but I never received an answer). After several attempts, I got tired, bought another phone from other brand, and the FP3 become my guinea pig. I still have it with /e/OS installed

There is some anecdotal evidence floating around that Fairphone’s Support is quicker to respond to phonecalls than e-mails, but I cannot provide you any personal experience to underline this. Have you tried everything listed under contactsupport when you tried to contact FP? Did you open a ticket?
I’ve heard people complaining about slow or to generic, unsatisfactory answers, but no response acknowledging your emails at all seems a bit strange to me.

did you receive an automatic reply with a ticket number? If not it was never really received by them… else normally they respond it just takes time. Have you checked answers are not in your Spam?


I used the contact form to talk about an issue with msx charging speed being 20w I stead of 30w. Incl test results with different cables. This was 3 days ago I think. No word yet

Be prepared to wait at least one week/5 business days.


Ahaaa got it
That makes sense

Email got a quick ‘received’ response, after 3…5 days a human answered. Issue was satisfactorily solved.


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