How exactly do I install my SIM card (fairphone 2)?

Ok, I have watched the tutorials online on installing the SIM card, but I have three problems the videos don’t answer.

One, which slot do I use? there are three and I don’t know what kind of SIM card I have. And do I use the adapter that make the card bigger or not?

Two, which way does the little diagonal corner go? In the videos they block the view of the orientation of the card!

And three, the videos show the card sliding in easily. But I cannot slide my card in. Yes, I removed the battery, but there is no room to slide the card in.
Thank you for your help! I am looking forward to using my Fairphone. :slightly_smiling:

figured it out, finally.
in case others are having trouble, here are the answers to my questions…

  1. Use the left side slot just about where you take out the battery. Do not use the little adapter that makes the SIM card bigger.
  2. The diagonal corner goes in the top left.
  3. There are a couple of little metal arms in the slot, and you slide the SIM card in these. It doesn’t go just below the plastic casing. It has to go in the metal arms. when you do this, it does indeed slide in very easily.
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You can also find all information about that in the user guide.