How do I wipe my original google account details from my phone?

I had to do a hard reset after being stuck in bootloop due to update to android 6. Unfortunately, I can’t remember any of my google account information to be able to resynchronise to that account, which google is asking me to do. Can anyone tell me how to wipe the phone’s memory of my old google account information?

Is your account still shown at Settings => Accounts? If so, delete it.
If it’s not there, unfortunately I can’t help you :confused:

I can’t even get to settings since the phone is still reinitialising after the hard reset. I’ve set the language and now the phone is trying to resynchronise to the original google account. Let’s hope someone has an answer

Sounds like device protection was activated on the phone. There’s more info about this on the google nexus pages, but it seems you’ll need to regain access to an (or any) google account that was used on the phone.

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I managed to dig deep enough into my memory to find the right info, so I can now use my phone again. Too bad I lost most information and all previous settings… Thanks for the offers of help!

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