How do I update a Garmin nuvi 1450LM when Garmin Express does not work on a computer?


My Garmin Nuvi 1450Lm is not updating. Because, Garmin Express software is not working on a computer. so, what should i can do.


You’re on a forum about the Fairphone here. Does your question have anything to do with a Fairphone?
You should probably rather ask this on a Garmin forum or contact Garmin support.

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I moved the topic to the generic Discuss category … “Here you can discuss anything related or unrelated to Fairphone.”

Make sure you install the latest version of Garmin Express, and make sure the computer in question meets the system requirements.

Download as well as the system requirements for Windows and Mac are given here … .


First of all thanks AnotherElk,

No, i have installed the latest version of Garmin Express but i don’t know, what is the problem? And i have opened this link but i didn’t have solution the problem.

If the app doesn’t work for you there are apparently ways to get unofficial maps. I only found a guide in German though:

But you probably get more help if you ask these questions on a more appropriate place on the internet:

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First of all thanks Paulakreuzer

Nice Article, i have read this guide is very helpful but not properly discuss. And did it good effort.

Well, this is a forums link. I will put the question in this forums.

thanks once a again