How do I perform a full backup on /e/?

What’s the best way to perform a full backup on a FP3 with /e/ OS that can then be restored on a different FP3?

  • Install and backup through TWRP?
  • Gain root and backup with Titanium?
  • other?

I have to send in my phone to be replaced.


Is the bootloader locked or unlocked?
The Fastboot Mode screen will say, if in doubt.

TWRP and gaining Root need an unlocked bootloader, but unlocking the bootloader forces a factory reset, which would wipe user data.

Else …

  • Save the install files for /e/.
  • Extract App APKs with SAI. Having APKs ready speeds up reinstalling Apps.
  • Use MyPhoneExplorer to copy contacts, messages etc. as well as the whole Internal Storage to a Windows computer.
  • Use every possible export capability of important Apps (e.g. messengers apart from the stock SMS App).

This should be done regardless of Titanium Backup or TWRP, who knows whether the restore will work.

As for an unlocked bootloader and TWRP … Backups, bootloader, root - #5 by AnotherElk - Request a Feature - /e/ community.


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