How do I move all my contacts to my phone from my SIM?

Within a few days I will get a new SIM-card by mail. Therefore I need to move ALL my contacts to my phone or I will loose them.

Can anyone tell me how I do this? I am not interested in moving my contacts to a Google account or anything alike. I want to save them locally on my phone.


  1. Open Contacts app
  2. Tap three dot menu
  3. Tap ‘Import/Export’
  4. Tap ‘Import from SIM card’
  5. Tap ‘0 selected’ and select ‘select all’
  6. Tap ‘Ok’ at bottom of screen

Now the contacts that were on your SIM card are stored in your phone’s internal memory, so you can switch SIMs. You can afterward use ‘Export to SIM’ to store the contacts on the new SIM card, if you like.



This does not work. “‘Import from SIM card’” is not an option.

What are the available options in the “Import/Export contacts” dialog?

In Danish. Does it make sense? I am not able to update my software in case this would havd been a solution.

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Looks like we are running subtly different versions of Android - but it shouldn’t be a problem.

If you tap ‘Manage SIM card contacts’ it’ll display a list of all your SIM contacts. Then tap the three dot menu, and tap ‘Import all’. That should import all your SIM contacts to the phone’s internal memory.

No, it just displays the name of two e-mail accounts: a Yahoo-account and a Google-account. I do not want to save my contacts on these accounts, only on my phone.

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Very odd… You’re sure the contacts are stored on SIM and not the device?

You can try exporting your contacts to a .vcf file, remove your SIM card, and then importing them back in from that .vcf file. That should store them in the internal memory.

If you have all your contacts on the phone only I would recommend to do an export to a .vcf file. If you are running LineageOs (can’t tell in danish :slight_smile: ) you might have to get another contacts app that has such a function temporarily, just for this export.

You will have a backup of all your contacts then, not just to move it to your new phone/SIM but to keep it somewhere safe other than on your phone…

I am not sure about anything when it comes to modern technology. But now it’s 2 hours until my SIM-card gets canceled and I have to find a way to save all of my contacts.

Not to worry, even when your SIM is canceled you’ll be able to access it like normal - you just won’t be able to make calls or send text messages.

In Contacts, go to the three dot menu, tap ‘Import/export’ and tap ‘Export to .vcf’ Select all your contacts and tap ‘Ok’ , and they’ll be exported to a single file. Now switch out your SIM for the new one and see if the contacts have disappeared.

If they don’t disappear, they’ll have been stored on your phone’s internal memory all along and there’s no need to do anything.

If they do disappear, go to your Contacts app and select ‘Import from .vcf’, find the file and import the contacts back in.

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Thanks a lot! So far I just have both in my phone since FP2 is a dual SIM.

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