How do I import contacts into FP2?

I just got my phone!! My first Smartphone. Hmm - the new SIM slot is too small for the SIM from my old phone… How do I import 100 odd contacts from my old phone? Any chance photos and texts can be shifted over too?

What’s your old phone?

Samsung GT-C3350 -the ‘Tough phone’…

Did you use any software to backup/synchronize your data with the PC?

Both the Contacts app and the Messaging app allow you to import contacts / texts from SIM cards. So if your contacts and texts are stored on your SIM card (and not on your old phone) I’d recommend to just make it fit! Seriously, you can easily do this with a box cutter or good pair of scissors. Just google “cut sim to micro” or something like this and you will find many instructions and stencils.

There are many options for transferring photos, e.g. Bluetooth or copying them to a MicroSD card.

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No such backup. Great idea!! I’ve always thought contacts should be kept on PCs - but never cracked how. Is that possible with an older laptop running Windows XP? (Meanwhile I’m starting the one by one method…)

I only had Nokias, but I’m quite sure Samsung as well offered a software to backup everything to the PC. And if you run Windows XP, even better, because the software will be quite old. Normally, these programs can synchronize with Microsoft Outlook. From Outlook, you can import at least your contacts, calendar and notes to MyPhoneExplorer ( and transfer everything to the FP2.

MyPhoneExplorer saved the day for me. I had a really weird problem where deleted contacts that had been on my SIM were still showing in Contacts as SIM contacts. If I tried to manually delete them (or even rename them) in Contacts it wouldn’t work. But when I synched with MyPhoneExplorer they miraculously disappeared. [# cannot delete SIM contacts]

That sounds like a method! First wake up Microsoft Outlook (which I haven’t been using cos they wanted paying to use it. I went with a free email - Yahoo!)
I recall something called Kia when I was trying to force photos to upload from phone to pc. But Kia seemed to be locked to only sending stuff PC to phone - so Gave up on the photos. (Fighting off old fears that any data transfer ie sending photos in messages, leads to massive bills)
Whatever. I’ll go and look that up. Thanks Irina

@zhiyebing thanks for trying to help, but questions asked over 6 months ago are usually not relevant anymore.