How do I get rid of "Quick Responce" on the phone?

I have long hated this feature and any feature like it. I can’t seem to find a way to disable or remove it. Is there another phone app that I can replace the delivered phone app with that doesn’t have this “feature”?

I simple refuse to accept that I can’t get rid of this bane to my existence.

My phone won’t even let you delete all the text from these rude messages. I have replaced them all with “Can’t disable this stupid feature.” for now. But this “feature” is doomed if I have to learn to code my own OS to do it.

What exactly do you mean with Quick Response? Where is this a feature and what exactly does it do?

Sorry, It is part of the phone answer screen. It tends to automatically send people rude messages about how I won’t answer their calls while the phone is bouncing around in my pocket while I am biking. I have always hated this feature since I first had to suffer it. On my old phone I could at least delete the text of the messages. This phone makes you leave something there.

I want to get rid of it all. It’s not a feature if you can’t shut it off. It’s Apple.


I’m also not sure what you are talking about. Waht exactly is the “phone answer screen”? Can you make a Screenshot of it?

How are these messages are send to your friends? By SMS?

I never heard about a “feature” like this. Maby you have installed a special App that sends the messages.


Yeah same here. I am not aware of this feature existing on Fairphone. Are you sure it isn’t because of some app you have installed?

Either way, could you describe exactly what steps you perform that results in such a message getting sent to the caller?

I sure wish I had never heard of it. I haven’t installed a different dialer. What it does is offer you a list of SMS text messages when you swipe up while your phone is ringing. If you select one, it sends that message to the caller and rejects the call. Of course if your phone is bouncing around in your pocket while you are mountain biking, you have no control over this. Mine ends up sending a text nearly 100% of the time. There is no way I can stop and get the phone out fast enough to actually answer the call, which I could do nearly 100% of the time with my old phone which had the same annoying feature.

You can’t delete all the text in these messages in this phone either, you could on my old phone.

If you launch the phone app and go to settings, then to other settings, you will find quick responses. You can edit them. But you can’t delete all of the text out of them.

What you can do is delete the text, hit the space bar button, and save. But I guess this means that people will get a empty (blank) message which is even more confusing.
You can of course change the message to something like “Sorry, can’t answer right now (automated message)”.
Or get a case/pouch that prevents screen pressure…
But basically I agree 100% - it ought to be possible to disable this ‘feature’. It’s incredibly tiresome when someone (whether Apple or Google) believe that they know what you need better than yourself.


I found the functionality you’re talking about. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to disable this, and a quick search on the Internet doesn’t turn up any solutions either. Maybe you can find and install a different dialer app that doesn’t have this functionality (or allows you to disable it?)

Yes, unfortunately this is a ‘feature’ of the android default dialler and I don’t believe there is a way to disable. The only solution I can suggest is to try another dialler app to see if it allows you to control the quick response messages better.

I’ve never used the feature myself, never thought it was particularly useful actually - if I’m not going to answer my phone, leave a message

A different dialer app is the solution. Fortunately there are many to choose from. Hm, that would make nice forum sections: discussion of what is the best app in a category…